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Niviano La Penna
Address: Via delle Cascine Nuove 12, Cascine Nuove. Pisa
Tel: +39 334 3477599


Despite the intimate relationship with the material and my work leads to isolate, I love share experience related to different fields to achieve my best result possible.
These are my partners:

arch. Chiara Ruggieri · design consultancy ·
Andrea Nardi · Andrea Nardi luce &  arte ·
Daniele Fadda · graphics and communication ·
arch. Massimiliano Ravidà · photographic shooting ·
Valeria Stefania Giambartolomei · Foreign relations ·
Modo Antiquo di Fedrizzi Cristina & Silvia · Borgo Cappuccini, 165 Livorno

Special thanks to all my friends who helped me in the “hard work” of the transport of the roots.