Niviano La Penna

Born in Pisa the 30 th of August of 1962, I work as Inspector at the head office of the environmental bureau of San Rossore in Pisa (Tuscany) in the ex Presidential Estate, today managed by the Ente Parco di Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli. My eternal love for nature, the woods, the sea and my interest for art and design have contributed in developping my passion in carving my “roots”, word I use to define the parts of trees that I transform in sculptures or pieces of furniture.

There cannot be interior peace without the contemplation of beauty.

Since the Ancient times, nature and plants have been considered an expression of the divinities, mankind turned to them for protection and support. Many legends were created on them to explain the mystery of life and of the divine. Mankind today seems to have lost his interest in trees, but deep down inside his essence is engraved the ancient symbology that will return to look at trees and nature with love. The artwork produced is intended to be a tribute to life and to the wood material that started the process of decomposition, material that during its existence, frequently of centuries long, contributed to our existence with its beauty and protection of the territory.